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Monday, November 5, 2007

This election, and the next

Tuesday's election promises to be an interesting one that features a highly contested mayoral race in Trenton's neighbor, Hamilton, and an interesting State Assembly and Senate race in the district next to the 15th of Trenton.

But this is also a time for Trentonians to reflect on the city election that is about two and a half years away, which means NOW is the time for those who want it to begin at least thinking of ways to bring about change in Trenton.

The City Council - let alone the mayor's office - needs some obvious revisions that will make it a more formidable and independent body than the current composition allows.

With several members owing positions to the mayor because of previous hefty financial campaign assistance, it seems the body lost a lot of its ability to think and then vote independently of the administration's stance on certain issues.

Just look at last week's meeting, where council persons reversed an earlier vote at the urging of administration officials who needed an 11th hour resolution to pass to provide funding to an outside law firm to do city work.

That situation painted a perfect picture of how the governing body has acted for quite some time - showing occasional independent thinking and a willingness to go against the mayor's officials, only to reverse their position at the last minute in the interest of "playing" nice.

With the potential for several council members to run for the mayor's position, it is the perfect time to groom independent candidates who will better represent Trentonians than the current group, and to also build a foundation for the 2010 campaign.

An independent City Council could counteract any Palmerite clowns that could end up running the executive branch of the city.

There is a lot at stake for Trenton in what could be the beginning of the post-Palmer era, but it can't be put to waste because of more council members acting like sheep.

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