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Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Mayor cites phantom waiver as excuse for law-breaking

Mayor Douglas H. Palmer responded Tuesday to last week's complaint by a former mayoral candidate about the non-compliance of Police Director Joseph Santiago, saying the Police Director was granted some sort of "waiver" that is not enumerated anywhere within the Code of the City of Trenton.

"We feel we are in our right to grant a waiver in a personal situation. Our legal department stands by this," said Palmer in the Times Tuesday.

Since this waiver is not mentioned anywhere in the law with regards to a personal situation - contradictory to what was reported in the Times - this really means that Mayor Palmer truly feels that he and the people he supports are above the law.

Numerous employees in the past were removed from office and discharged, as the ordinance says for violations, but it appears Mr. Santiago is sufficiently godlike to not be held to the laws that govern other Trenton employees and residents.

Curiously Mayor Palmer said the waiver was temporary, even though Mr. Santiago has never truly lived in a bona fide domicile as called for by the ordinance. Bona fide domicile means primary residence, where one's family lives and spends the bulk of their time.

Despite a slew of addresses cited as places of residence in Trenton in the past, Mr. Santiago has made it no secret that he has always lived in Stirling NJ. So any labeling of the situation as "temporary" comes completely without merit.

All of this means simply means Mayor Palmer and his administration continue to think they are completely above the law, so at some point the law will have to be brought up to meet them.

1 comment:

Irving Bertrand Clean said...

It's this simple: Santiago has pictures of Palmer blowing a donkey. There can be no other explanation.