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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

A state-funded lack of accountability

More stories of ridiculous shenanigans are pouring out of the black hole that has become the Trenton Police Department under the leadership of former Police Director Joseph Santiago.

Last week, Trenton learned about how a crazed Capt. Paul Messina caused a massive rush hour traffic hazard by blocking off Perry Street to berate an officer named Vincent Mistretta, who was apparently out of proper traffic-directing position due to a valid excuse of shepherding some pedestrians through traffic.

Officer Mistretta filed an Internal Affairs report, but nothing has happened to Capt. Messina so far. In past instances where non-favored Trenton cops have done something either against department rules, or in Capt. Messina’s case, something that appears unlawful, the wheels of discipline have immediately been set in motion.

In one recent case, service guns were confiscated, reports taken, psychological evaluations made, and wild goose chase investigations of the city’s own cops undertaken, all at the cost of many expensive city-funded overtime hours.

But for Capt. Messina, neither Mayor Douglas H. Palmer nor Mr. Santiago has informed the public as to how an out-of-control police captain, who broke numerous department rules and perhaps committed criminal acts, is being dealt with. In fact, police sources say little will be done at all once the investigation is complete, with the ridiculous arrangement of having Mr. Santiago as the Internal Affairs hearing officer.

Police sources now say that Officer Mistretta is being investigated himself by the Professional Standards Unit that used to be run by Capt. Messina.

One officer, under the direct supervision of Mr. Santiago, is allegedly tailing Officer Mistretta and others who have taken a negative stance the leadership of the department and the rest of the establishment to try and dig up some kind of dirt.

Remember everyone, all of these costly antics are overwhelmingly funded not by the people of Trenton, but the rest of the Garden State.

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Old Mill Hill said...

Do you ever get the feeling that Palmer and company are fiddling while Trenton burns?