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Sunday, August 3, 2008

Law targets Giants ticket holder abuse

As someone growing up in a family blessed with three New York Giants season tickets, the announcement that season ticket holders would be forced to pony up thousands of dollars to hold onto those seats naturally resulted in disgust.

The three season tickets in question have been in my family for decades.

Family members have had them since the times when the Giants played at a variety of places - the Polo Grounds, Shea Stadium, and the Yale Bowl - and the fact that Giants ownership would like to stick it to their fan base to the tune of thousands of dollars really amounts to a Giant "screw you" to all of the families like us, who have remained loyal through the good and the bad.

But this ridiculous situation - which Jets fans will reportedly also be subjected to - might actually be averted through some Assembly legislation being drafted by Assemblyman Anthony Chiappone, D-Hudson.

The law would prohibit the sale of a "Personal Seat License", which is what the greedy people working for the Giants decided to call their "Stick it to the Fans" scheme.

"Sadly, the Giants management is literally putting a price on loyalty," said Mr. Chiappone, in a statement.

Now, I personally believe that there are many more worthy causes that deserve to be the subject of state legislation than the New York Giants plan of screwing their season ticket holders.

But this certainly is a welcome development, especially considering how it will prevent lower and middle income season ticket holders from being priced out, only to have tickets that have been theirs for so many years fall into the hands of the rich and the powerful.

Schemes like that, like the Springsteen tickets-for-the-powerful controversy, happen too much in New Jersey.

1 comment:

Mr. CleƤn said...

'Tis a shameful thing that's happening to the Big Blue Bloods.

Could the "lower ... income Giants season ticket holder (sic)" be reached for comment?

I'm actually surprised this didn't happen here over a decade ago, when NFL fans in other cities were first shaken down for PSL fees.

John Q. Football Fan proves time and again that he will happily suffer whatever financial punishment the teams dish out (PSLs, compulsory full price pre-season games in all season ticket plans, $25 parking, $12 beers, etc.), so how can anyone be surprised by what the Giants are doing?

Only when football fans stop acting like lemmings, may the sodomy someday come to an end.