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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Unqualified, unjustified, and....unnecessary?

Communications Director Irving Bradley already has been labeled unqualified to serve in a state taxpayer-funded position as leader of the city’s Communications Division by the state Department of Personnel.

It also appears that he is also in that position in violation of the city’s residency ordinance, with his family living in Rahway and Mr. Bradley almost never seen at his Trenton residence.

Now it appears that the city has this man in what might be a totally unheard-of directorship, judging by the way that nearly no other large city in the State of New Jersey utilizes a similar position.

A quick review of the city governments of Atlantic City, Camden, Newark, Paterson, and other cities shows that none of those urban areas have something equivalent to Mr. Bradley’s position.

Most of those cities rely on either a lower-ranking municipal employee or a police officer of lieutenant rank or lower to lead the organization that handles emergency communications, dispatching, and other city communications.

In fact, Trenton used to rely on a similar system, with the communications hierarchy existing under the leadership of a Trenton police officer, usually a lieutenant, whose position was already on the books and did not require an additional pension or salary cost.

But some years ago Mayor Douglas H. Palmer decided he wanted the handling of emergency and other communications under the umbrella of the city administration. To the mayor that must have seemed like a better arrangement, rather than what at that time represented an area of the city government that was not under the complete control of the mayor and his lackeys.

After that change a couple of retired police officers managed the City Hall-controlled radio room, and now the organization falls under the leadership of the Newark cast-off, Mr. Bradley, who does not appear to be a resident and is not qualified for his job, according to the DOP.

A great $90,000 arrangement for the city and state taxpayers, indeed.

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