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Monday, July 7, 2008

More "green" policies from the Palmer administration

Those walking the streets of Trenton might notice the presence of a massive Chevrolet Suburban emblazoned with "T.R.A.P.P." on the rear parked at various downtown locations, usually in close proximity to streets with lots of city-run parking meters.

That's because Trenton's meter enforcement employees have been tooling around in these $8-a-gallon behemoths as they go about ticketing state workers and city residents that overstay their welcome at one of the city's metered spots.

For some unknown reason officials within the Douglas Palmer administration - which purports itself to be a highly environmentally aware organization - have doled out the city vehicles assigned to various youth programs in the city to Trenton meter maids, to get around on their stop-and-go duty around the city.

This hackneyed occurrence should be filed under all of those other goings-on in Trenton that show the city government and its leader really aren't as "green" as they say they are, along with a lack of recycling at many city buildings and the numerous unnecessary city cars assigned to employees who simply don't need them.

It looks like City Council members will be considering restrictions on city vehicle use in the near future.

Hopefully they tell the meter maids to stop using gas-guzzling Suburbans as well.

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