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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Palmer has less options with Obama win

One potential way out of the Trenton political scene for Mayor Douglas H. Palmer was closed last night with the assumed Democratic presidential primary victory of Illinois Sen. Barack Obama.

Throughout the campaign Mayor Palmer has been a staunch Hillary Clinton supporter, despite turning out a paltry number of votes for the New York senator in the primary vote in February.

It had been widely believed by many here in Trenton and beyond that the mayor of the capital city would move on to some sort of federal position with a presidential victory of his endorsed candidate. But the candidate supported by most people in this city’s political arena has now seemingly upset Ms. Clinton.

What will Mayor Palmer do? His other options don't look so great either.

Remember, the other potential outlet for Mayor Palmer – widely reported in some of the state’s online media – was a run as the state’s first Lieutenant Governor. That position will come into being during the gubernatorial campaign in 2009, after voters supported an amendment to the New Jersey Constitution in the last election.

But running for that position could be fraught with peril, as current Gov. Jon S. Corzine continues to endure a horrendous approval ratings that could loom large in the next campaign for governor. As the incumbent, Gov. Corzine will almost certainly be the Democratic nominee, but anyone joining the ticket to run for lieutenant governor would face an uphill battle.

All of this adds up to a situation where those who want to end the reign of Mayor Palmer here in Trenton should prepare for the upcoming 2010 municipal campaign as if the mayor is once again running, for a sixth term as the city’s executive.

Developments have simply made the likelihood of another Palmer for Mayor campaign greater and greater, with each passing month.


Irving Bertrand Clean said...

This is gonna be good. I'll make the popcorn.

Old Mill Hill said...

The crew on the Front Stoop agree with your assessment.

And for anyone still doubting that Doug Palmer might run again, check out the NJ ELEC website and see for yourself.

Palmer has a current campaign committee on file; has raised nearly $120,000 so far and has spent over $95,000.

The big question is, how much money will it take to bail out the sinking HMS Palmer?