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Saturday, April 26, 2008

What is wrong with Doug Palmer?

Palmer administration officials don’t support the promotion of valuable city assets like the City Museum at Ellarslie Mansion, if it comes in the form of free advertising on the Ruins of Trenton.

After nearly a year of posting information about events and features at the museum, a request came in two weeks ago from people running the museum.

They asked that the information be removed from this Web site, after their superiors advised them to do so. Those requests came from higher-ups with links to Mayor Douglas H. Palmer.

This Web site is almost always aligned against the policies of the Palmer administration, and this type of action shows exactly why taking such a position is almost always valid.

This free advertising reached hundreds of readers every single day, who might never have known about the museum or any of its wonderful features, but Palmer and company would rather see it removed.

Mayor Palmer and his officials are a childish and vindictive group of individuals who care more about exercising power and controlling Trenton than actually seeing this city come our from the social and economic chaos that has plagued it for so many years, under Mayor Palmer.

The important point here is how this idiotic request to end the free promotion of a city asset is a symptom of a greater problem that afflicts this city government.

Good public policy and making decisions based upon the welfare of the city and its residents take a position of secondary importance to the personal positions and whims of Mayor Palmer, who rules from afar from the Roebling summer house in Hunterdon County.

This is wrong, on many levels.


Glennard said...
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Nicholas Stewart said...


I am of course stunned. I believed there was very little, if anything, that the city's administration could do that would surprise me. TRUMPED!


Glennard said...

I was recently contacted by some high up Mayor Palmer officials. They were concerned that I was doing too much by picking up litter in my neighbourhood. I have been told to cease and desist. Shortly after I replaced the tin foil on my head, and the communications stopped.

Is Mayor Doug Palmer a figment of my imagination? Does he really exist? Can a non existent mayor really run a city? Who is Doug Palmer? These and other questions will need to be answered in 2010 during the don't re-elect Doug Palmer campaign.

Old Mill Hill said...

Anyone who is suprised by this turn of events hasn't been paying attention.

This is but the most recent in a long line of vindictive and childish responses by the Mayor to criticism.

More than anything else, it demonstrates the fact that it is not Trenton that concerns Doug Palmer. It is Doug Palmer and only Doug Palmer.