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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Dennis "Rasputin" Gonzalez deserves termination

Considering the bungling conduct of Douglas H. Palmer administration officials when it comes to city redevelopment projects, it should come as no surprise to people living near this city that another project seems headed to the scrap pile.

The record of these officials speaks for itself, now that it looks like it is becoming the time to hand out blame for the failure of yet another project, the proposed K. Hovnanian project at the old Champale site in South Trenton.

The only thing that has been successful with this project is emminent domain, controversy, and the creation of anger, coming from city residents screwed over by the City of Trenton and the developer.

Mr. Gonzalez and the Palmer administration are probably one out of seven when it comes to real redevelopment projects in the city, with the lone project counting as a success being the Broad Street Bank building, which has only recently begun to get off the ground after around a year of the usual city government screw-ups.

Despite this extensive record of failure, Assistant Business Administrator Dennis Gonzalez and other Palmer administration officials continue with name-calling and arrogance when dealing with City Council, like they did in today's Times of Trenton.

"Coston is the biggest perpetrator," said Mr. Gonzalez, of council members being responsible for alleged but unsubstantiated falsehoods and lies, that are usually more often the material of Mr. Gonzalez and company.

City Council candidate Zachary Chester was right to call out Mr. Gonzalez last year on his failures in bringing tangible results to Trenton.

And what did Mr. Chester get in return?

A threat of a lawsuit and demands for an apology from Mr. Gonzalez, who ended up failing to follow through on any of his apparently empty threats.

This same kind of disrespect has been experienced by both City Council members, and residents living around the Champale site, who have had their lives turned upside down for years now, all because of the blind desire of Mayor Palmer's officials to get the project off the ground.

Enough is enough.

City Council should find a new developer, and tell Mr. Gonzalez and the others that they have screwed up for the last time.

Remove this man from his position.

All it takes is a five-person City Council vote.


Glennard said...

Council should be careful. Dennis Gonzales is the master of lawsuits. Look what happened last time. That was quite an effective lawsuit. About as effective as he is with his job for the city of Trenton. 5 votes. Well if you count the Paul Abstaintella and Cordelia Staton-Astaintella there are still enough votes. Get rid of this hump!

Irving Bertrand Clean said...

Council could vote out D-Gon 7-0 (why yes, I AM tripping on acid at this very minute - thanks for asking!) at its next meeting, and all we'd get from King Douglas is an onslaught of bloviation about how D-Gon is absolutely irreplaceable (take everything he's said about the Police Director, replace 'Santiago' with 'Gonzalez,' and there you have it).

This would, of course, be followed by all manner of legal stalling by King Douglas and His Court, on our dime.

I'm gonna buy me some popcorn for this one.

crabby said...

Gonzalez needs to go!!! He needs to wipe that stupid smirk off his face.We were at many of the council meetings where he got to give an update on the Khov progress & lied about how many homeowners had made an agreement to sell to the city. If the city didn't want to give the owners their just compensation then they should of let them keep their homes & have Khov redo their plan!