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Friday, December 7, 2007

Senator calls out indicted legislators

A newly-elected Republican state senator is calling on Senate President Richard Codey to ask legislators currently under indictment or investigation to refrain from taking part in voting during the upcoming Senate session.

Jennifer Beck, R-Monmouth, sent a letter to Mr. Codeythis week calling for the measures, which would ask Senator Wayne Bryant, D-Camden, Senater Sharpe James, D-Essex, and Senator Joseph Coniglio, D-Paramus, to forego their voting ability in the upcoming sessions.

"It's wholly at odds with the nature of a legislator responsible for approving laws for the state, to do so when he stands accused of violating the public trust," said Ms. Beck, in a statement. "Service in the Senate should be reserved for lawmakers and not law-breakers."

Ms. Beck has already asked for the suspension of the senators in question, who stand accused of charges ranging from defrauding the state and the pension fund to billing inappropriate expenses to municipal coffers. Mr. Coniglio's office was raided recently, as federal investigators searched for evidence in an ongoing investigation.

With their suspension, replacement legislators could be appointed to represent the constituents, instead of the corruption-tainted politicians.

1 comment:

Nicholas said...

State Sen. Jen Beck has really impressed me. I had an opportunity to hear her answer some questions during Small Business Week 2007 in Trenton this past October and was really floored when she came prepared to speak. This was during the Mercer County Chamber of Commerce Luncheon. Some of the other panelists invited such as Sen. Inverso, Assemblywoman Greenstein, and a few others appeared, but the only one of them prepared to answer the questions asked was, then Assemblywoman Beck. What floored me, you ask? The fect that all were given the questions prior to the lunch and only one was prepared. I will forgive Sen. Inverso, he is retiring. The other panelists, as well as I can remember, were in the midst of a campaign. So what's their excuse?

Now, Senator Beck wants to keep a few legilators who are under indictment from voting?

Eh, leave it to a Republican to try and inject some integrity into NJ State Politics. Damn them!