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Sunday, December 23, 2007

A call to arms

A great hypocrisy exists because of the stark contrast in the ideals of American society versus its reality; in that men and women who have long been American - and have borne the scars of America's founding - live in a war zone but miles from some of the most affluent and prosperous communities in the United States.

The I-95 and I-295 ring that circles the borders of New Jersey's capital serves as an arbitrary but true line of economic division. Those living outside of the line, within Mercer County, live in an environment of abundant economic wealth.

But those living within in it reside in communities influenced by the sick man of Mercer County - Trenton, New Jersey.

A once-pround industrial powerhouse sits shackled in economic and social purgatory, victimized by the flight of industry, the flight of the middle class, and racist housing policies that prey on the financial needs of poor urban cities willing to mortgage their future by buying up the affordable housing components of their more affluent neighboring municipalities.

Only when cities like Trenton are willing to shun involvement in the political games of their neighbors and vote for true champions of their residents and their future - without regard to the color of skin - will they be able to emerge from the economic wreckage of post-industrial America and become true havens for people of all economic classes and backgrounds.

The start of that move begins with removing from office all of the political zealots pandering to the continuance of the current regime, and an end to the Mayor Douglas H. Palmer era.

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