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Sunday, November 4, 2007

Trenton political BBQ

Trenton hosted a gathering of 15th Distrist candidates, supporters, and revelers at a political BBQ Sunday at a South Trenton jewel, the South River Walk Park.

Assembly candidates Bonnie Watson Coleman and Reed Gusciora were there, along with Senate candidate Shirley Turner and County Executive incumbent Brian Hughes. Food was served and there was music, along with some activities for the candidates' younger supporters.

Around 3:30 p.m., there were about 70 people at the park, enjoying food, speaking with candidates and taking young children to ride on a pony that had been paid for with campaign funds.

The event highlighted the beautiful South River Walk Park, which is a nicely-kept piece of property featuring a gazebo, some walking paths, benches and a great view of the Delaware River.

Some lamented the park for how it reduced views of the river for Lamberton Street residents, not to mention the costly and ill-conceived Route 29 Tunnel on which the park sits.

But, it is truly one of Trenton's jewels.

The park itself is beautiful, and judging by the homes lining that part of Lamberton Street it seems like the residents living there really take pride in their homes. They are of the same sturdy brick construction that puts Trenton's housing stock a few steps above the rest of Mercer County's municipalities.

Trenton's politicians and officials were notably absent from the later stages of the gathering, and people arriving earlier to the event told the Trenton Makes correspondent that they believed council officials and people from the Palmer administration had not made an appearance at the event.

Nothing shows pride in your city to your state representatives like holding an event in a city without having the city's elected - and most likely Democratic officials - show up.

Oh well. Sunday's event was still a good one for the health of the City of Trenton.

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