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Sunday, October 7, 2007

Residency issues, AGAIN

More City of Trenton employees are flouting their residency requirements, in what amounts to further evidence that the Douglas H. Palmer administration selectively enforces the law with the passive approval of City Council.

Unsubstantiated reports on the forum today had anonymous law enforcement officials stating their belief that more Newark public safety personnel are ready to take up positions within the city's Communications Department without actually moving to Trenton, as set forth within Trenton City Code.

But Mayor Palmer has said previously that enforcing city residency requirements is an important issue for him.

"I feel strongly about residency and it applies to every city employee, It should be adhered to," said Mayor Palmer in 1997, after the city fired the director of the Trenton City Museum for alleged residency violations. "I feel people who violate the rule are being dishonest. There isn't any gray area here."

Leadership of the Communications Department - which was recently moved back under the care of the Trenton Police Department - was handed to one of Police Director Joseph Santiago's old cronies from Newark, Irv "Gotti" Bradley.

Law enforcement officials have reported that Mr. Bradley, like Mr. Santiago, has yet to move into Trenton as required by Trenton City Code.

As reported previously on Trenton Makes, Mr. Bradley has a sorted record of assault, drunkenness, and eluding arrest stemming from a traffic stop gone bad in Rahway that happened while he was a member of the Newark Police Department under Director Santiago.

When those transgressions occurred, Mr. Bradley received a slap on the wrist from Director Santiago. It comes as no surprise then that these men would openly violate the laws of Trenton, sources said.

It seems that under the current government leadership, law in Trenton will continue to be enforced selectively.

(Mayor Palmer quote cited from article on Trenton Facts)

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