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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Hypocrisy Hall

In another coddle piece by Trenton Mayor Douglas H. Palmer’s other spokesman — Trentonian columnist L.A. Parker — Mayor Palmer criticized Mercer County Executive candidate Janice Mintz and others Wednesday for bashing the precarious condition of parts of Trenton during recent debates.

“They pointed fingers, used scare tactics, and mislead people,” said Palmer of the naysayers in the Trentonian piece. “We need people to unify and work together.”

Those are funny words from the man who has lead a city administration that has made its living from pointing fingers, using scare tactics, and misleading people.

During his 18 years as Trenton’s mayor, Mr. Palmer has ran dissenters out of town, threatened those who speak out, and maintained a web of deceitful agents quick to let the mayor know about any community activists who run their mouths about the status quo.

He had an agent provocateur on the Trenton Council of Civic Associations — now in a position of power on the city’s legislative body — report back to him nightly on any dissenting commentary made at meetings.

Mayor Palmer has emphasized the law while permitting the city’s police director, Joseph Santiago, to openly flout numerous policies and run a Gestapo-like police administration where puppets devoid of talent run amok as opponents and dissenters are suspended or relegated to midnight shifts.

As reported on From the Front Stoop, the mayor has emphasized city residency requirements for city employees in the media, and then allowed friends to bend the rules, while simultaneously crucifying opponents for similar violations.

Mayor Palmer recently supported an administration official who threatened a city activist with a lawsuit — yes, that’s right, a lawsuit — after the resident spoke out on the official’s dismal record in the litany of positions he has held within the city.

In Trenton, hypocrisy and King “4” Life Palmer continue to reign supreme.


Cal said...

Neither of the local papers mention the assistant prosecutors by name. I suspect therein lies the real story.

Greg Forester said...

Actually the Times mentions the names of the two prosecutors at the end of the story: Robert Yostemski and Bertha Scott