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Monday, October 15, 2007

Bye-bye Sleepy Pie!

Forum posters on Trenton's only censor-free forum today said there is a possibility that Capt. Paul "Sleepy" Messina may be retiring early over his latest problematic episode at the Trenton Police Department.

Capt. Messina was allegedly the focus of a sexual harassment probe after he made some sexist remarks to a male officer. The remarks highlighted, in Capt. Messina's mind, why one of his female coworkers was selected to receive a special laptop computer for use at her police assignment: her breasts.

Of course this comment ended up getting back to the female officer, who promptly filed Internal Affairs documents against Capt. Messina.

Now forum posters have been hinting that Capt. Messina's days could be numbered.

If this is the case, there will definitely be rejoicing in many circles within New Jersey's capital. Capt. Messina was a disgrace to the uniform on many occasions, often acting unbecoming of a high-ranking department officer, leading to the very public detriment of Trenton's finest.

From being caught sleeping numerous times, to ordering wasteful investigations on personal vendettas, Capt. Messina has frequently committed unthinkable acts and gone unpunished.

This is unlike many others in the Trenton Police Department, who committed minor transgressions but were transferred to midnight shifts or even suspended because they didn't toe the Police Director Santiago-Mayor Doug Palmer line.

If the rumors are true, then good riddance!

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