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Monday, September 10, 2007

U.S. Conference of Mayors staging area experiences violent crime

A street located near the Trenton Marriott that will be hosting the U.S.Conference of Mayors this week was the scene of violent crime Monday when a young Trenton man was assaulted with a knife and robbed.

In what is the second violent attack in the so-called "Safe" zone of the Trenton downtown area this summer, Jermaine Daniels, 20, was stabbed in the back and both arms after an assailant demanded he "Give it up", while the young Trenton resident was walking down Peace Street.

The assault occurred directly across Lafayette Street from the hotel that will see many of the nation's most powerful mayors staying within its usually empty rooms from Thursday to Saturday of this week.

While Mayor Palmer continually touts his successes in providing housing for the poor and bringing down the crime rate in the capital, many residents say they don't feel safe in the city, and what was an almost universally-safe downtown area has seen the face of violent crime rear its ugly head this summer.

A good Samaritan was stabbed after a knife-wielding attacker attempted to take her purse from her in broad daylight on a workday near City Hall, at 319 East State Street earlier in the summer.

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