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Sunday, September 2, 2007

Captain Sleepy strikes again

In what could be more trouble for Trenton's favorite police captain, a possible internal affairs investigation may have been launched this weekend after Captain Paul "Sleepy" Messina allegedly violated Trenton Police rules, police sources said.

Captain Messina was seen in Trenton in civilian clothes in what could be a violation of standing Trenton City police protocol that requires officers on sick leave to remain at their residences unless given special permission.

Captain Messina was seen exiting the downtown restaurant Settimo Cielo at approximately 5:40 p.m. Friday and getting into a white four-door Cadillac sedan, while Police Director Joseph Santiago engaged in a conversation with an unknown female on the sidewalk next to his city police vehicle.

After being involved in a car accident earlier this week, Captain Messina was said to have been on sick leave, which under Trenton Police rules requires that he should have remained within his Burlington County home unless he needed to leave for some specific reason, police sources said Sunday.

It is unknown whether Captain Messina was actually on sick leave or not, although anonymous police sources said he was indeed on sick leave and could have only left his home with special permission.

The hits just keep on coming for Captain Messina, who was featured in numerous media outlets after he was caught sleeping in Trenton Police Headquarters in the early morning while he was in charge of the force, in his second documented sleeping episode.

The Web site documents more of Captain Messina's police shenanigans.

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