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Friday, September 21, 2007

Another Palmer night

Thursday night was a disaster for Trenton City in many different ways.

The twentieth day of September of 2007 saw a Trenton police officer injured in a car accident on Cass Street, a stabbing on South Broad, crime at the Pantry 1 on South Broad, and an armed robbery on Parkside Avenue.

On top of that, the Palmer-lapdog City Council embroiled themselves in the mayor's own personal vendetta when they dutifully passed legislation handing a symbolic contract to a Hamilton health care provider instead of Trenton's own Capital Health System.

It seems Doug can't let bygones be bygones, and is continuing the stupid one-man pissing contest that started when Capital Health System announced they were relocating their Mercer Campus in the West Ward to a new Hopewell location.

Instead of a good legislative body like Trenton needs, our own elected officials on City Council reinforced the vindictive actions of the mayor and handed a contract to Hamilton's Robert Wood Johnson instead of one of Trenton's most important employers, Capital Health System.

Things are looking quite bad in New Jersey's capital.

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