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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

The Palmer Administration: A Machine Sometimes Not Well-oiled

City Council members today said they were confused after they asked for materials about the Palmer administration's proposals to revise the city inspections code and then only received the current code.

With the Palmer administration set to present their important revisions to the Trenton City Housing Inspection codes Thursday, City Council members - especially Jim Coston - had asked for materials ahead of time in order to formulate questions.

Mr. Coston said he received those materials recently, and what he received was simply the current City code of inspections. These laws are readily available to anyone with a computer at the city's Web site.

"If the Admin was prepared to provide a presentation on new Inspection ordinances months ago, why can't we get the materials 5 days prior to meeting?" said Mr. Coston, in a statement on his blog at "Let me rephrase it, why wouldn't they want us to make an informed decision?"

As citizens as Saturday's summit concluded, Trenton has a non-functioning city government.

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