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Thursday, July 5, 2007

L.A. Palmer

L.A. Parker used his column in the Trentonian today to reply to a forum poster who showed the rest of the forum that while L.A. Parker talked negatively about police coverage for persons who live outside Trenton, he himself lives outside of Trenton.

While Mr. Parker did make valid points about the crime that has occurred near his home in Ewing, the fact is that Mr. Parker does live in Ewing, pays taxes in Ewing, and probably doesn't want his children to be exposed to the Trenton school district.

Mr. Parker made points in his column about how both black and white persons should receive equal rights in heaven and on earth, and that poorer Trenton neighborhoods that are predominantly African-American should receive the same police attention
as the "toney" Mill Hill neighborhood.

The problem with this statement is that the Mill Hill neighborhood IS predominantly African-American...check any piece of census data from the 1970s on. The Mill Hill is just a great example of how the rest of Trenton could be.

It has the same housing stock, the same history, and the same spirit as any other Trenton neighborhood.

Mill Hill does not deserve more police coverage than any other neighborhood based on the racial makeup of its citizens, as Mr. Parker says is the belief of Forum posters.

Forum posters, especially those who are from Mill Hill, think that people should think before they write articles looking down on people from outside the city expecting better police coverage, especially when the author lives outside the city.

Whether you live 10 feet or 1,000 feet away from the border, it's still Ewing.


Trenton Rising said...

i did not realize that Mill Hill was till predminantly african american. i have heard stories of its past. but when im on Jackon Street, you would never know, now the streets, to the right of Jackson, there are a substantial amount of African Americans. do you find this to be true?

L said...

LA Parker lived in Trenton until I personally requested to switch from private school to a certain public school. That was his contribution to my education. How many people can say that there parent changed residences so they could go to the school of their choosing? You either have a problem with good parenting, or you are not such a hot "reporter."

Now, as an educator (see what a great education of your choosing can do!), I'm very grateful that he made that move. I'm pretty sure we can all agree that we don't need to have a discussion about the disorganization of the Trenton Public Schools administration, too.

As a former Trenton resident, I can vouch that not ALL Trenton neighborhoods have the same "housing stock, the same history, and the same spirit." That was over-the-top (and false, if you bother to read the news or have lived in other neighborhoods in the city).