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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Santiago's Past!?

I have always heard the grumblings and moanings of Trenton police officers and residents about the crooked past of the police director, Joseph Santiago. I didn't know how truly crooked the man was until I read an editorial from

This man is really, really crooked and should not be in any sort of public position, let alone the several high-level police positions he has held.

According to the editorial, Mr. Santiago was convicted of punching a corrections officer, apparently because he thought the man was hitting on his wife, according to a source familiar with the incident.

He wouldn't have even been able to join the New Jersey State Police, but because the position he received was a political appointment, he got the job.

The editorial also said Mr. Santiago ran an "off-the-books" police organization that operated in violation of several state laws. It goes on to say he failed to pay his taxes on firms involving security that he ran concurrently during his police jobs in the Brick City.

The editorial says a confidential informant revealed Mr. Santiago's dealings with the Genovese crime family the very day since disgraced Gov. McGreevey nominated Mr. Santiago for the State Police position.

There were other incidents cited in the North Jersey Media Group article, including transgressions involving attending politically-themed parties for Mayor Sharpe James (who may be facing indictment soon) and lawsuits brought by troopers accusing him of retaliation because of the troopers' involvement in investigations of his sordid past.

This same incident precipitated his resignation from the State Police, according to the North Jersey Media Group.

All this adds up to bad news for Trenton's residents and police officers. In fact, it seems a CONVICTED criminal is sitting at the top of Trenton's massive police force, ruling with an iron hand that many officers fear.


Mark said...

A rare gem that I absorbed from Jim Hynes as a child: There is a thin line between cops and criminals. Most cops just want to have a gun and the power coming with it.

UrbanEducator said...

Im in agreement with the admirable Mark.