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Monday, June 11, 2007

FYI about the Funeral and the Culture of Fear in the TPD

Received this information from a source inside the Trenton Police Department who wished to stay anonymous for fear of retribution, the reasons for which become obvious in the body of the statement:

Lie 1: The officers WERE ordered to go to Newark; Santiago stated they were not.

Lie 2: The officers DID NOT request to use A-days as Santiago suggested, they were asked by Capt Messina to use them.

Also, Capt Messina lied when he told Councilman Coston it was "standard procedure" to send on-duty personnel and city vehicles to funerals of private citizens out of town.

I can't stress enough that real FEAR runs rampant throughout the department in the sense that if you speak out about wrongdoing you will be retaliated against in some fashion. You have to understand and appreciate that fact. These officers will not speak to you, on or off the record, out of fear of being transferred to midnights and subjected to abuse by Messina. It's happened countless times in the past and it will continue to happen because Santiago allows it.

How come there is such a culture of fear operating within the police force looking over New Jersey's capital city? How can we expect a democracy to function when the police are forced into an environment where they can't speak freely about the potentially illegal actions of their leaders and our public officials? The people who brought the Police Director here should be held responsible for their decision, and if what this source says is true, then the administration must demand his resignation.

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Retired Trenton Cop said...

The list goes on for miles about Santiago, the way he berates officers, has promoted officers and put them in key jobs only because they will punish anyone that Santiago wants punished for speaking out against him. He has brought charges against officers and suspended these officers without pay, these charges were fabricated charges, hearing dates were always and still are postponed only to punish the officer that spoke out against Santiago, only to have the officers family suffer for years without the officers income. I have seen this man at comstat meetings berate, curse at officers, pound his fist and curse at officers because he did not like the truth that was being told or the information was not to Santiago's liking. A few years ago he had an accident up north by his home in Sterling NJ with his city issued vehicle, he had an accident and never reported it, he then told the police garage to come get his car because the trunk does not close, the back end of the car was heavly damaged from an accident and no one done anything to him. When he was staying at the Layfaette Hotel he slapped around a prostitute and Capt. Messina covered up everything for him, he has done other things that are unheard of, a female officer broght Sexual Harrasment charges against Santiago because of something he had said to her. Noting happened. WHY? This man is not a god! Someone has to stop him and make him accountable for his actions, Im sure if the government (FEDS) looked hard at this guy they could file charges against him. But, no one wants to. This guy and Palmer has to go!