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Thursday, April 12, 2007

So I bit the bullet.

I'm officially moving into one of Trenton's nicer neighborhoods, the Mill Hill. Located just south of downtown, it's a few blocks of beautiful, historic brick and wood row houses, with cobblestone streets and old fashioned street lights.

The neighbors I have seen all look like good people, a far cry from most people's perceptions of who lives in Trenton. There is still something to be said for this city, which can only go up from here.

The neighborhood is within walking distance of many downtown establishments, like Joe's Mill Hill Saloon.

There's also other venues nearby, including restaurants, a coffee house or two, shops and some entertainment venues. And, as far as Trenton goes, there isn't a great public safety issue.

I'm hoping to become a part of this community of daring souls who shun the bland, rich suburbs of New Jersey for a chance to be part of the rebirth of a formerly vibrant city. Trenton has all the infrastructure and housing stock to become great again.

It's just a question of when the leaders come around to create the policy and enough like-minded people are around to put that policy into action.

(Mill Hill boundaries)

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