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Friday, January 11, 2008

Sen. Turner: Trenton needs fresh ideas, leadership

State Sen. Shirley Turner thinks Trenton needs a mayoral candidate similar to democratic presidential hopeful Barack Obama to revive the city after 17 years of rule under the Douglas H. Palmer administration.

During an interview with the Trentonian this week, it seemed that she took a negative view of the current mayor, and the pool of candidates in position to make a run to replace him.

“City residents have lost hope and need a person to rise up and instill a new energy in Trenton,” said Sen. Turner, in Thursday’s Trentonian. “People here need a champion.”

Of the current pool of candidates, which is filled with the familiar faces of City Council members and city politicians, she told the Trentonian “maybe there is someone out there that we don’t know about who is considering running for mayor, but I’m not so sure about some of the people that have been named to succeed Palmer.”

Those familiar with Trenton’s political situation have pointed out two areas of significance in the comments made by one of New Jersey’s most powerful legislators.

First, she seems to verify the idea that Mayor Palmer truly is on his way out, with that information being relayed as common knowledge in even the highest political spheres in the state.

Two, it seems respect for Doug is waning, with more and more politicians who normally kept away from commenting on Mayor Palmer’s ruling style bucking the trend.

Recently, a rubber-stamping City Council went against the interpretation of the mayor on the city’s residency ordinance, saying the executive had no ability to grant waivers, according to the language of the law.

The same council members have also begun challenging officials from the mayor’s administration, who usually walked all over the city’s legislative branch with relative impunity.

Seems like times are changing for Mayor Palmer.

1 comment:

RiderPsych said...

Sen. Turner should be reminded that people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. She might want to take a long hard look at some of the useless and in-effective legislations she's either sponsored, co-sponsored, or supported; to the detriment of the 15th district and state. I believe her comments to be true, but, given her own record, she’s in no way in a position to criticize. Despite her recent re-election, I’m inclined to believe that there would be some celebration if she were to be ousted or if she were to resign.