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Thursday, November 8, 2007

Messina transferred following harassment gaffe

Trenton Police Capt. Paul "Sleepy" Messina has been transferred to the city's Police Academy, following numerous missteps and mishaps that culminated in sexual harassment charges from another Trenton officer.

Police sources Wednesday said Capt. Messina told a group officers earlier in the day about his pending transfer.

They also said there had been pressure on the police force to do something about the captain, who had been a source of constant embarrassment to police and the city as a whole.

Local media and a Web site documented some of Capt. Messina's finer moments, like when he was caught sleeping on the job at police headquarters, more than once.

He also ordered an expensive investigation after he found a Trentonian with pictures of him sleeping place on his police car's windshield.

The sexual harassment probe started after the captain made sexist remarks about the provision of a laptop to a female detective, which Capt. Messina said had something to do with her female anatomy. The comments got back to the detective, who filed with internal affairs.

Hopefully the recruits at the academy will survive working under Capt. Messina, but the regular police force will obviously be better off without him.

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