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Friday, June 15, 2007


...It is amazing me how my complete view of the situation of this city is coming together after living here for only four months (that have gone by quickly), but more and more, I am getting an idea about how some of the powers that be have perpetuated a situation of poverty and reduced possibilities that have helped their political careers. They have elicited the help of a corrupt police head, an inept business administrator, stupid policies, and a City Council where it seems some members owe their positions to political patronage.

Parts of the current legislative branch of the city of Trenton have gone along happily with this process over the years.

These policies have not only helped this faction's political career, but enslaved a new race of Trentonians to a life of abject poverty.

Along the way they have wasted taxpayers' money, wasted the aspirations and dreams of people across all colors, and ruined people's views of each other.

This situation is pathetic for a state capital; in fact it probably distorts views of the entire state as a whole.

1 comment:

Michael said...

Great post. It's refreshing to read an account of what is REALLY wrong with Trenton from a relative newcomer. Maybe a blog like this can help to correct the negative and misguided thinking of those in the Greater Trenton area who've all but abandonded the city? Only time will tell...