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Friday, June 29, 2007

Problems All Around

In the past few hot June days, two men were shot dead in the street one block away from each other on Stuyvesant Avenue, while the mayor of Trenton was off in Tinsel Town being crowned King of Urban Decay by the U.S. Conference of Mayors.

Mayor Douglas H. Palmer made remarks on a PBS TV show about Trenton's rich history, even saying "If it wasn't for Trenton, we would all be talking with English accents right now."

While Mayor Palmer seems to be very loud about praising the New Jersey capital's historic past, he has failed to give its historically dangerous present equal praise. Trenton's 2007 murder rate is rapidly approaching that of 2005's record totals, and people are being robbed and mugged in the street frequently.

Trenton residents frequently appear in Trenton City Council chambers, complaining of rampant violence and sometimes inept, or even absent, police coverage. Where is Mayor Palmer through all of this?

Trenton truly needs a full-time mayor that can give it constant attention. It also needs a City Council that is willing to stand up the administration, and at the very least perform its official duties. Legislation overhauling the city's housing inspections has taken nearly a year to come before council, and liaison and board seats have spent nearly a year unfilled, something that recently came up in council.

Legislation that would amend the city code's provision for a minimum number of police officers recently came up, and should be debated again at the July council meeting. This legislation must pass. Not only will it help reduce an annual million-dollar police overtime bill, but it will make the streets safer, and relieve officers who are currently overworked.

In July there will be a meeting of Trenton activists trying to develop a path of progress to help the city out of its current condition. Information can be found at

1 comment:

Trenton Rising said...

very well said.
my position is clear on the matter, Palmer should resign all posts and become a full-time Mayor of the City. i doubt he will make this sacrafice. but it would be nice jesture.